Our Equipment and Experience Separate Us.

Our Equipment is the very best

Not all tools are created equal!

Tronnes Geomatics uses the best survey instruments available.

Depending on the project, we may use several technologies separately or in unison to get the job done and delivered.  Our equipment is routinely calibrated and updated to ensure the very best results.

Leica C10, P20, P40 and BLK High Definition Scanners – HDS provides a means of storing a “physical reality” on the desktop. This allows our professional CAD technologists to have access to the site throughout the preparation of the drawings.  All scanners have a bore-sighted digital camera for calibrated photo overlays.  This serves to view the site for additional detail and also provide photo rendering of the point cloud data.

Leica GPS Base and Rover and TS16 1” Total Station Robotic with CS20 Captivate 3D Controllers – This is the very latest high precision survey equipment available on the market today.  The GPS offers quick setup and initializations.  Projects are easily managed through Leica’s software.  Alignments, control lines, LOG lines, etc. are all managed within Leica’s proprietary Road Runner software and allows the surveyors the flexibility in the field to make adjustments per engineering requirements on the fly.  Tronnes Surveys can have multiple crews per site operating from one base station.  Jobs transfer seamlessly between GPS and TPS without data conversion or wasted time.

SonarMite Echo Sounder – Connecting directly to an RTK GPS antenna or total station with a prism, the echo sounder is mounted to a Hydrone RCV survey platform.  Data can be collected by distance travelled or by time giving the surveyor flexibility in collecting elevations in rivers, ponds and lakes.  The Hydrone is remotely controlled and can be used in water of depths as shallow as 300mm.

Our Software Makes the Difference

From field to finish, our service is tailored to your needs.

Tronnes Geomatics uses state of the art software

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2019 – Tronnes uses Civil 3D and has been a user of this software and its predecessors for over 20 years.  Data from field collection and data to be laid out can be easily and efficiently managed using this software.  Leica fieldbooks can be directly imported and Networks can be managed directly in Civil 3D in both grid and ground coordinate bases.

Autodesk Revit 2019 – Autodesk® Revit® software is built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), helping professionals design, build, and maintain higher-quality, more energy-efficient buildings. Using the information-rich models created with Autodesk Revit software, architects, engineers, and construction firms can collaborate to make more-informed decisions earlier in the design process to deliver projects more efficiently.

Leica Geosystems HDS Cyclone – Software modules provide point cloud users with the widest set of work process options for 3D laser scanning projects in engineering, surveying, construction and related applications.  Cyclone lets users take advantage of traverse, back-sight, and resection capabilities of the Leica ScanStations C10, P20 and P40 laser scanners for more cost-effective as-built and topographic surveys and lets users create plant as-built models more efficiently from laser scans.

3DReshaper® – This is a tool for processing 3D point clouds wherever they come from: 3D scanners, digitalization, laser scanning, digitization devices… It covers the whole needs in terms of point cloud process, 3D mesh and surface reconstruction. Through the numerous features of 3DReshaper, you can inventory works, reconstruct damaged surfaces, analyze the evolution of a model in time and export your files into simulation or CAD-CAM software in order to reconstruct your models identically.

EdgeWise-Clear Edge 3D

  • EdgeWise Building™ uses groundbreaking algorithms that can automatically identify and extract walls, windows, doors and other features from point clouds and export them as Revit family objects. You’ll save countless hours over creating as-built BIMs natively in Revit.
  • EdgeWise Structure™, the latest software from ClearEdge3D, changes all that by applying our advanced extraction algorithms and automated modeling technologies to accurately extract steel, concrete and wood structure faster than ever before

Our Expertise Sets Us Apart

Tronnes has been serving the community since 1966.

At Tronnes Geomatics, It’s more about the people

POB Magazine

International Recognition – Hexagon Las Vegas

  • Tronnes is an industry leader in scanning and point cloud processing and was invited to speak at the annual Leica scanning conference in Las Vegas in 2015

Professional Affiliations

  • We’re professionals, from a hardworking attitude in the field to the certified qualifications to take your project to the finish line.

Performance under pressure

  • Quick mobilization and continuous monitoring of a failing train bridge after the catastrophic flooding in Calgary was instrumental in assessing safety on this dangerous incident.

A legacy of pushing the envelope

We love a challenge, Tronnes is continually at the forefront of new technology and industry leading product deliverables.